Terms of Use

Please check this page for updated content.

In lieu of a finished legal text, we offer you the following philosophical text written by a person who is not a lawyer:

In short, we do not sell your data to third parties. Your privacy is important to us.

We may utilize measures like cookies to track your movement across our site. We certainly will track your IP and other identifying characteristics, but without associating that data with you as a person.
We do this to make your visit a cohesive experience, and to automatically alert us where we need to focus improvements on. For example: If you trigger a "Page Not Found" error, we need to know about that in order to fix it.

Following an external link from our site, allowing third-party enhancements (like Twitter live feeds, Google Fonts, etc) may allow those third parties to track you — which is a reasonable assumption, and which is beyond our control.

We do not store the data of your visit for longer than necessary, and we ask anyone interested in your data on our site to have a damn good reason to see it.
We will, however, comply with applicable law, and exercise our right to defend ourselves from you; meaning, we will collect and compose any data necessary to identify you if we need to comply with or involve law enforcement as caused by your actions.

Summary: We do not intend to be jerks, so don't you be one either.