What is the Flatus Flute™?

The Flatus Flute™ is a novelty item: A whistle, inside a buttplug.

If we were to classify it, we would call it an adult party favor.

Does the Flatus Flute™ have any medical uses?

No. The Flatus Flute™ is not a medical device, and it is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or otherwise detect or improve any medical condition - including, but not limited to, flatulence of any kind.

Can I use this product to insert into my anus or vagina?

We do not recommend any use of the Flatus Flute™! We can not stress this enough: Our product, the Flatus Flute™, is a novelty item.

Then how can I use this product?

Recommended use as a noise-maker.

Do not use internally, i.e. as an anal or vaginal plug.

IMPORTANT: Do not use the product if you suspect any prior usage. If you suspect (prior) internal usage, do not use the product.

Ensure the Flatus Flute™ is properly cleaned before use, and before sharing with others.
Hold the Flatus Flute™ to your mouth, like a whistle, and expel a burst of air to produce our trademark whistling sound.

When finished, clean your Flatus Flute™ and store in a sanitary, dry place.

I used the Flatus Flute™ internally, and now I need help!

We do not offer any advice, expressed or implied, to retrieve, dislodge, or otherwise separate the Flatus Flute™ from any bodily orifice.

If you suspect the necessity for medical intervention of any kind, please consult medical assistance in your area.

Is Doctor Steve behind all this?

No. The person known publicly as Doctor Steve (http://doctorsteve.com), does not produce the Flatus Flute™, nor does he share ownership or profits with FlatusFlute.com, its owner(s) or related business ventures.

But you use his name and likeness?

The Flatus Flute™ is presented by "Dr Steve", akin to an introduction by an emcee, under the expressed condition that it is a novelty item, not used as a medical device, or used internally in any way.