Who are we?

Our founder is Danny, just a Canadian guy with a simple idea to make a buttplug with a whistle.

Our History

The product originated with our founder, Danny, and was named by designer Chris Daemon in homage to Doctor Steve's persistence to call farts by their medical term.

Danny produced the physical item, Chris created mockup artwork, and Doctor Steve talked about it and demonstrated the theoretical use on his podcast.

Sooner than later it became clear: A really silly idea could form into an actual sellable product, delighting fans all around the world.

Given the American spirit to monetize silliness, it took a Canadian with a strong, modern thought for sensible change: To make farts more funny.

Danny continues to improve the Flatus Flute™ to entertain and delight... and to become rich and famous for doing so.

Our Mission Statement

We make a funny product - please, give us money for it.